All of the Innocent Women and Children the US Left Harassed Last Month

Calls for ‘civility’ just a ‘Power Play’ to defend White Supremacy, an NYU Professor recently tweeted. An Immigration rally in 2017 (Image: Wikimedia Commons) While it’s been an acutely divisive couple of years in American politics, both right-wing, left-wing and centrist voters finally agree on something; the likelihood of an impending Continue Reading

The New Yorker: ‘A Quiet Place’ Is “Regressive” Because White People And Guns

Apparently, The Office’s John Krasinski has created a covert alt-right manifesto … There was a time when The New Yorker, like the city itself, was more than just a pedestal for pretentious elites to look down upon the unwashed masses with an air of intellectual and cultural superiority. But that time Continue Reading

Australian Left-Wing Media’s Dangerous South Africa Ignorance

“The world doesn’t know what is happening in South Africa.” Across the 20th Century, humanity saw its capacity for genocide fleshed out fully. The spectre of last century still haunts us, making us acutely aware of this capacity for evil, as we all should be. Broader societal awareness has made it Continue Reading