Bitterness Isn’t Working: The Decline of Radical Autism & the Rise of the Autistic Dark Web

[Article originally published at] In the 1960s, two major civilisational value shifts occurred in Western countries. Postmodernist intellectuals shifted our traditional political and moral values away from the objective towards the subjective. This means that ‘the truth’ is all about what you feel, rather than being an objective, observable, Continue Reading

“I Don’t Hate White People. I Just Hate Whiteness.”

Leftists enjoy academic hegemony, so they can get away with this lazy intellectualization of bigotry. To the layperson, what can a word such as whiteness be associated with other than white people and their heritage? We hear a lot about the pervasive anti blackness in every nook and cranny of Continue Reading

Greens Supporters Triggered By Greens MP Calling His Own Wife “Hot”

Many have speculated as to what kind of ideological possession would bring someone to vote for The Australian Greens. It turns out, it’s the same thing that would cause someone to take extreme offence at a man for describing his OWN WIFE as ‘hot’; postmodern neo-marxism. Adam Bandt, acting Deputy Continue Reading

MSM: Illegal Immigrant Murder Case Actually About ‘Toxic Masculinity’

In a news cycle packed to the brim with shit takes, one absolutely woeful MSM narrative reigns supreme above the rest from last week. “Mollie Tibbetts was murdered b/c she told a man to leave her alone while she was jogging. Her murderer happens to be undocumented. This isn’t about Continue Reading

UK Government Rejects Doctor for Belief Gender Can’t be Changed by Surgery

“If upsetting someone can lead to doctors being sacked then, as a society we have to examine where we are going” A doctor applying for a disability assessor role for the UK government has been rejected for his refusal to identify patients as a gender other than their biological one. Dr Continue Reading