The New Yorker: ‘A Quiet Place’ Is “Regressive” Because White People And Guns

Apparently, The Office’s John Krasinski has created a covert alt-right manifesto … There was a time when The New Yorker, like the city itself, was more than just a pedestal for pretentious elites to look down upon the unwashed masses with an air of intellectual and cultural superiority. But that time Continue Reading

Gender Studies Professor Hates “Toxic Meritocracy” Of Video Games

A momentary glimpse into the gender studies hivemind It has long been observed that the left can’t meme, but did you know they also can’t game? Christopher Paul, who teaches gender studies and is Chair of the Department of Communication at Seattle University has authored a book called ‘The Toxic Meritocracy Continue Reading

Ubisoft to Crack Down on ‘Hate Speech’ in Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft mods confirmed the ban system is not reliant on user reports, indicating it is likely AI-driven Ubisoft has committed itself to eliminating what it deems to be “hate speech” in its online games. Earlier this week it announced changes to its Code of Conduct for Rainbow Six Siege in Continue Reading

Australian Musician’s Racist Twitter Tirade

“Can cis white men stop reviewing our album. It’s not for you.” Camp Cope, an Australian all-girl indie band has learned how to cry for attention and they refuse to stop for any reason. Perpetuating the very accurate stereotype that modern feminism is nothing but a movement built around victim mentality Continue Reading