Actor Forced to Apologise For Criticising BLM, Liking Trump and Ben Shapiro Tweets

The “progressive” elites of Hollywood’s United Church of Liberalism consider themselves the champions of tolerance and diversity in our postmodern society. Frequently, however, they expose themselves as exactly the kind of Orwellian thought police which they are desperate to convince us they have been #resisting since November 2016. Last month, Continue Reading

Greens Supporters Triggered By Greens MP Calling His Own Wife “Hot”

Many have speculated as to what kind of ideological possession would bring someone to vote for The Australian Greens. It turns out, it’s the same thing that would cause someone to take extreme offence at a man for describing his OWN WIFE as ‘hot’; postmodern neo-marxism. Adam Bandt, acting Deputy Continue Reading

Melbourne Street Brawl: Event Organisers Were Warned By Detectives

A street brawl Saturday night in Melbourne has resulted in an 18-year old’s leg being crushed by a car with several others injured. Police estimate up to 200 people were involved as the brawl spilled from the Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood at around 2:45am. “During the affray, a car has Continue Reading

UK Government Rejects Doctor for Belief Gender Can’t be Changed by Surgery

“If upsetting someone can lead to doctors being sacked then, as a society we have to examine where we are going” A doctor applying for a disability assessor role for the UK government has been rejected for his refusal to identify patients as a gender other than their biological one. Dr Continue Reading

Australian Feminists Outraged Over Police Issuing Safety Advice

It’s almost like they don’t actually care about keeping women safe… Here is a real tweet made by the current Premier of the Australian State of Victoria: This is in the context of a feminist uproar on social media when, after a particularly vile rape and murder case that emerged out Continue Reading

Peter Dutton Accused of “Racism” for Mild Observations

How can Law Enforcement solve a problem it isn’t allowed to identify? In 2007, the integration of African migrants to Australia became an issue. Victorian Police Chief Commissioner at the time, Christine Nixon, claimed that Sudanese refugees were convicted of fewer crimes per capita than the general Victorian population. When Continue Reading