Feminists Claim 2016 Election “PTSD” Affecting Midterm Votes

“Vivian Ho in San Francisco writes: Two years ago, after I cast my ballot at my local San Francisco polling station, a middle-aged woman I had never met before flashed me a warm smile. “We’re making history today,” she said.” “Some women have taken to describing the emotions that accompany Continue Reading

The New Mexico Terrorist Group Case: An Insane Story Getting Little Attention

One of the most bizarre and troubling stories of the entire year is not getting the mainstream media coverage it deserves. Five adults arrested at a remote compound in New Mexico where eleven malnourished children were rescued are accused of training the children to carry out school shootings. The buried Continue Reading

Melbourne Street Brawl: Event Organisers Were Warned By Detectives

A street brawl Saturday night in Melbourne has resulted in an 18-year old’s leg being crushed by a car with several others injured. Police estimate up to 200 people were involved as the brawl spilled from the Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood at around 2:45am. “During the affray, a car has Continue Reading

MSM: Illegal Immigrant Murder Case Actually About ‘Toxic Masculinity’

In a news cycle packed to the brim with shit takes, one absolutely woeful MSM narrative reigns supreme above the rest from last week. “Mollie Tibbetts was murdered b/c she told a man to leave her alone while she was jogging. Her murderer happens to be undocumented. This isn’t about Continue Reading