CELEBWATCH: Leftist Filmmaker Michael Moore Says He Cries Every Day

“When are we gonna rise up?” “We are gonna have to put our bodies on the line”, he said about fighting the Trump Presidency. Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert during a promotional tour for his upcoming documentary, leftist filmmaker Michael Moore has admitted the items in the Continue Reading

Actor Forced to Apologise For Criticising BLM, Liking Trump and Ben Shapiro Tweets

The “progressive” elites of Hollywood’s United Church of Liberalism consider themselves the champions of tolerance and diversity in our postmodern society. Frequently, however, they expose themselves as exactly the kind of Orwellian thought police which they are desperate to convince us they have been #resisting since November 2016. Last month, Continue Reading

Beyoncés ‘Female Empowerment’ Brand Paying Sweatshop Workers Half Average Wage

“Championing the collective strength of women all over the world” Beyoncé, a self-described feminist and one of the world’s most successful performers, has come under fire after it was rediscovered by many fans that the multi-millionaire’s ‘female empowerment’ label ‘Ivy Park’ employs impoverished labour in sweatshop-like conditions. The brand, touted by Continue Reading

CELEBWATCH: Peter Fonda Says “Put Barron Trump in a Cage With Pedophiles”

“WE SHOULD RIP BARRON TRUMP FROM HIS MOTHER’S ARMS”, the celebrity tweeted. Last week I recounted all of the innocent women and children the US left publicly harassed in June and how this was contributing to a rapidly escalating political climate. That summary considered only examples of harassment in person, Continue Reading

Rose McGowan is Not a MeToo Icon, She is a Virtue Signalling Enabler

The easy way out shouldn’t be celebrated. Rose McGowan at San Diego Comic-Con in 2008 (Wikimedia Commons). Harvey Weinstein, serial sexual abuser, Democrat donor and spawner of the MeToo movement, was arrested and charged late last week before being granted bail. As is to be expected, it was an MSM Continue Reading