Australia’s ABC Doubles Down On Feminist Propaganda

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If at first the brainwashing doesn’t succeed….

Last week, it became apparent that Australia’s public broadcaster the ABC had been airing this fairly explicit piece of third-wave feminist propaganda;

The video appeared as part of a half hour segment by the two feminist activists featured on ABC ME, which is the ABC channel dedicated to primary-school aged audiences. This is part of a half-hour film entitled The Activism Film. Its description on the ABC website reads: “The Film is a how-to guide for girls, all about creating change in areas of unfairness and discrimination in your life”.

If you really hate yourself, you can watch the full half-hour program, brought to you by my tax dollars, here.

In the first minute, one of the two comrades makes a hysterical observation that highlights how this program is really just more of the mainstream left’s white straight male hate; “I hated it [at school] when people said ‘you must be really smart because you’re Asian’. Well I am smart, but its not because my parents are from Singapore, its because I worked really hard”.

Well that’s interesting, since it’s been well noted that Asian immigrants consistently outperform whites in the Western world, for the same reason Jewish people do; they come from traditional cultures who promote hard work, delayed gratification and value education. These things are significant advantages in the West’s highly meritocratic societies, and Asian parents tend to be more forceful in instilling these ethics in their children than White parents. Bizarre how that ‘un-earned advantage that their life was granted’ is excluded from the idea of privilege, don’t you think?

Here is another example of the taxpayer-funded Marxist propaganda, this one is entitled “What It’s Like: To Be Queer”. Others include “What It’s Like: To Have Same-Sex Parents” and “What It’s Like: To Be Transgender”.

Just in case there’s any doubt about the young and impressionable age group ABC ME is aimed at, here’s a screenshot from their website taken today, displaying their featured programs:

While The Activism Film first aired months ago, The Privilege Bridge segment’s presence on ABC ME’s Facebook page brought the video to the attention of the wider public. People were rightly outraged and began tagging their friends. A thread apparently appeared on /pol/, 4chan’s politics board, and a slew of what ABC have deemed ‘harassment’ caused them to take down the video and temporarily unpublish the ABC ME Facebook page.

In true leftist fashion, rather than admitting the segment might’ve been a bit politically partisan for a children’s entertainment channel, or that maybe parents want to teach their kids about sexuality and sexual identity, or that maybe people don’t like their taxes funding the left’s propaganda mixed among cartoons, the ABC decided to get dug in.

The ABC’s adult-aimed channel, ABC Comedy, produced this sketch which aired on its late-night style show Tonightly with Tom Ballard:

Yes, Tonightly really is always this pretentious, which is why it enjoys a 4.7/10 rating on IMDb and caused The Guardian to speculate that the studio audience doesn’t laugh at the jokes because they are being polite.

Notice what is happening here in terms of the ABC trying to control the narrative; They made taxpayer-funded propaganda, which was heavily objected to by a range of the public who are politically engaged and can identify it as propaganda. Some people took that way too far and engaged in harassment. Now the ABC gets to use taxpayer funds to promote its counter-narrative pretending that the opposition was purely “alt-right trolls” from 4chan who “feel like [they’re] being personally attacked”. Also, the government broadcaster is scolding certain types of use of your free time on the internet, the good use being “share a photo of a dog” and bad use being “tagging your mates” because it’s political content you disagree with.

Stolen from LDP Memes for Free Market Dreams

Now obviously it’s a satirical video, but I’d contend as an observer, that the video is incredibly telling about the world-view of the champagne-socialist left who dominate the ABC:

“It’s the internet / an open forum that allows the expression of opinions / where people have discussion with their different points of view” / “Woah! That sounds pretty happy” / “Well no, it’s actually pretty crappy

Dang, if only there was some way the government could force everyone to agree with them! Then life would be PERFECT!

“Carol can visit an internet page without the need to directly engage

Well actually, the ability to engage more directly with content creators, particularly ones who literally live off the public purse, is one of the reasons the internet has been such a revolutionary force for democratising economies. People should be more directly engaged in the development of culture, and the left knows this, it’s the entire motivating force behind its activism, and why they utilise the internet so heavily for political purposes. They just don’t like it when the right realises they can do the same thing.

Of course, sensing a backlash (can’t imagine why), ABC Comedy disabled Youtube comments on the video. But they couldn’t disable likes and dislikes, which at the time of posting are at a ratio of 100 to 1 dislikes to likes, and less than 100 likes despite over 26,000 views within 3 days of uploading it.

They had no such ability to silence dissent on Facebook, and you should really take a look at the Facebook reaction. I’ve collected some highlights below.

The ABC has been facing intense scrutiny in recent months, since it marketed the highly sexualised Mardi Gras to children and Tonightly aired another unfunny segment where the joke was literally that they had edited an Australian Conservatives campaign sign to add “is a c*nt” after the candidate’s name. The ABC receives over a billion dollars a year in taxpayer funding and this is yet another example of how wilfully ignorant the ABC is that the appetite for defunding is growing and growing.

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