The Global Establishment Meltdown Over Bolsonaro Win: A Compilation

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Jair Bolsonaro, the right wing populist firebrand who continues to shake the foundations of Brazilian politics, defeated establishment socialist candidate Fernando Haddad in a second round run-off Sunday night to become the next President of Brazil, winning over 55% of the vote.

Bolsonaro, who survived an assassination attempt during the campaign, was attacked by Western media throughout the election cycle. The Washington Post launched frequent broadsides, predicting “iron-fisted rule” from a Bolsonsaro Presidency, describing him as “homophobic, racist and sexist.” Late night host John Oliver even hinted that Brazilians should target Bolsonaro for further violence┬áin an October segment.

Thankfully however, the Brazilian electorate saw Bolsonaro as an antidote to decades of public corruption and mismanagement that culminated in the jailing of the country’s former President ‘Lula’ earlier this year.

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On Twitter, Western media, NGOs, and the blue checkmark brigade of pop stars, journalists, and actors reacted predictably:





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Bolsonaro will take office January 1, 2019.

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