Mercantile Exploitation of the Human Mind

The human mind is stuck in a paradox, possessing two contradictory states simultaneously: our psychology is both highly advanced and deeply primal. Unique perhaps to our species is our strong sense of self, where we are equipped with consciously possessed self-identities. With this strong self-possession comes a strong desire to control ourselves. (The Nietzschean idea of the “will to power”).

This advanced trait of ours however is at odds with our most instinctual primitive behaviours; behaviours that have long been the foundation for human action. How do we reconcile these instinctual actions that drive us to behave in certain ways with our complex sense of self-possession and self-control? We self-rationalise.

“This is the farcical nature of democracy.”

Rather than suffering the unsettling experience of losing control over our own actions and behaviour which would violate our strong sense of self-possession, the mind actively tricks itself into believing that these instinctual behaviours we partake in are actually of our own volition and of our own conscious will.

This is the farcical nature of democracy. This is what makes the whole concept of a rational, thinking populace making rational, well-planned democratic decisions a lie. The cognitive brainpower required to overcome these instinctual reflexes is too much, especially when we proactively trick ourselves into believing that they are choices made by our own will. So as a result, many of us submit to these impulses.

Humanity’s construction of morality, with its varied mental abstractions and high ideals, are evolutionary designs to combat our innate primitivism. Societal moralisms are conjured in response to our shortcomings and play our base instincts of action against our base instincts of social cohesion. Societal moral systems are a necessity for human progress as they are our method of suppressing damaging primitive instinct.

Liberal capitalism’s 20th and 21st Century dismantling of morality in favour of “individualism” is achieving exactly what was intended: the ratifying of a liberal-commercial totalitarianism that thrives upon the self-rationalising mind’s rationalisation of primitive instinctive action.

“The modern notion of ‘freedom’; that is, to destroy every moralism so that we are made servant wholly to the manipulation of mercantile powers; is one of slavery.”

It is here that the mercantile class make their profit. Via marketing, they appeal to the underlying primitivism latent within every human, provoking excessive consumption that the consumer self-rationalises into being their own conscious choice. The truth that their behaviour is merely a product of deliberate manipulation is completely beyond their subjective capacity to perceive; it would create a dissonance culminating in madness.

The modern notion of ‘freedom’; that is, to destroy every moralism so that we are made servant wholly to the manipulation of consumer choice (mercantile power); is one of slavery. They have replaced the morality that worked our instinct of social cohesion against our regressive primitivism with a new morality that indulges exclusively in an unadulterated submission to that very primitivism.

The powers of big business intend wholly to continue to subjugate humanity to its instinctual impulses so that they may enslave the entire species. In the name of profit, they willingly sacrifice the progress of man for their own selfish greed.

“Revolution is sparked by the most simplest of revelations.”

We few who are conscious to the exploitation of the human mind’s inherent tendencies have received access to a rare liberty. We must, however, engage in an active and continuous revolt, requiring discipline, willpower, and fortitude. Free will and liberty (here conceived of as roughly akin to the concept of agency) is not inherent, but instead gained through intentional struggle.

We must reject the mercantile powers and their manipulations, we must refuse to be subjugated to our primal instincts, and instead we must aspire to the achievement of a higher state of rational free will.

Possessing a conscious awareness of mercantile psychological manipulation is the first step to liberty, but the second is spreading your new found consciousness to others so they too may be liberated from the mercantile spell, then third encouraging them to spread further this state of consciousness to others just as you have to them.

Revolution is sparked by the most simplest of revelations. Every act of revolt in this ill structure brings it closer to demise. Do not underestimate the power of rejecting the current culture.

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