Revolt! Ep 14: The Right Side Of History

We discuss being on the “wrong side of history”, the new diverse superhero in town, and Smirkgate gaslighting Jason Wilson.

Show Notes:

7:55: Kiwi virtue signalling, linear history and the modern left // 30:10: The suprising benefits of being brainwashed by // 37:25: “Dear Gubbermint” // 46:40: Bail laws, Aboriginal Australians and public safety // 1:13:55: Diversity hero Kyle fights bigotry with his identity // 1:23:20: The Guardian claims Covington Kids are ‘gaslighting’ the left //  1:46:25: Trump cucks on The Wall // 1:49:10: HARD BREXIT WHEN

The Radical Center w/ Emilio Garcia

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