Daily Mail Australia Says “Captain Cook Landed On January 26”

In one of the Daily Mail’s various Buzzfeed-style tabloid articles entitled “Man dragged along the ground by an angry mob of Invasion Day protesters for wearing an Australian flag reveals what REALLY sparked ugly clash”, journalists Hannah and Charlie Moore have incorrectly suggested the January 26 date of Australia day commemorates Captain Cook’s landing in Sydney.

The article was published by Daily Mail Australia and is mostly based on an exclusive video interview with our friends at The Unshackled which has been shared widely.

January 26 is celebrated as Australia Day for being the date in 1788 when British sovereignty was proclaimed over the Eastern seaboard of Australia by Captain Arthur Phillip who established the first colonial settlement that day at Sydney Cove. Captain James Cook first set foot in New South Wales at Botany Bay on April 29, 1770.

This is fairly basic Australian history taught to everyone educated in the country at primary school level. But it likely surprises no-one to learn that mainstream media journalists have very little grasp of the basics of the events they are covering (or indeed the history of the country they live and are actively shaping the cultural and political narratives in).

At the time of publishing this, the gaff has still not been corrected.

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