“F**k Australia, Hope It Burns to the Ground”, Says Invasion Day Protest Organiser

“This country does not deserve a day of national celebration in any capacity”.

Yesterday was Australia Day, our beloved national holiday. As is true on any given day of any given year in the 21st century, a large number of radical leftists were very upset and complained a lot about something.


‘Invasion Day’ Protests were carried out in most of Australia’s major cities, with turnouts ranging from hundreds of people to several thousand, the largest rallies reportedly being in Melbourne and Sydney.

The intended message of the Invasion Day protests is hard to completely pin down. Media sources and activists report messages ranging from “change the date” [of the national holiday] to “equal rights” (whatever that means) to “we don’t want to celebrate Australia Day at all”.

The Greens, Australia’s radical left political party, have spearheaded the political push to change the date and allied themselves with the Invasion Day protest. Greens Leader, Senator Richard Di Natale is behind an effort to use Greens’ numbers in local councils to cancel planned Australia Day events traditionally provided by councils for the public. This push has been successful in a number of Melbourne and Western Australian councils already.

Senator Di Natale wearing a shirt referring to this classic Australian advertisement (Photo Via Di Natale’s Facebook Page)

I am eagerly awaiting The Green’s condemnation of Melbourne rally organiser Tarneen Onus-Williams’ comments yesterday in front of thousands of protestors. “F**K Australia, hope it burns to the ground”, Ms Onus-Williams said as thousands marched on Victoria’s state Parliament.

Attempting to explain her inflammatory comments later, she said; “I think when we come to these rallies people come with heightened emotions in the months and weeks leading up to the event”. No shit, that’s why most of us don’t want anything to do with this kind of thing.

The rally in Melbourne clashed with an Australia Day parade, where Invasion Day Protestors told attendees of the parade they should “be embarrassed” and said it was “disgusting”. “If you celebrate Australia Day, f***er, you’re celebrating the death of my ancestors,” Parade Spectators were told, and “Shame” was chanted at them over a loudspeaker.

Other insults to Australia and its people included Indigenous Elder Tony Birch telling a crowd that “This country does not deserve a day of national celebration in any capacity”.

Those of us who tend to be a bit more sceptical of feel-good social justice causes see the seeds of socialist agitation bearing rotten fruit in these protests. That’s why I’m not surprised to see the recognisable raised fist symbols and ‘Smash the State’ slogans in these marches. It’s why I’m not surprised that the radicals behind the protest say “Change The Date” isn’t actually an option. It’s why I’m not surprised that behind the useful idiot Senator Di Natale hides a seriously questionable agenda.


Here is some information from the ‘About Australia Day’ page on Australia’s public broadcaster the ABC’s website;

“Australia Day, 26 January, is the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 convict ships from Great Britain, and the raising of the Union Jack at Sydney Cove by its commander Captain Arthur Phillip, in 1788.

Though 26 January marks this specific event, today Australia Day celebrations reflect contemporary Australia: our diverse society and landscape, our remarkable achievements and our bright future. It also is an opportunity to reflect on our nation’s history, and to consider how we can make Australia an even better place in future.

It is more than another public holiday. It is more than the pride and excitement of new citizens who call themselves Australian for the first time on 26 January after being conferred citizenship.

At its core, Australia Day is a day driven by communities, and the celebrations held in each town, suburb or city — unified by the celebration of what’s great about Australia and being Australian — are the foundation of its ongoing success.”

This page had to be retrieved from an archived 2016 version of the website, as the ‘Australia Day’ section no longer exists. Presumably it’s now been declared wrongthink.

The change the date movement The Greens are pushing is intended to appease these people. By “these people”, I don’t mean Indigenous Australians, I mean radical leftist activists. Because by all accounts, Indigenous Australians are not uniform in their political views or even on this particular issue. To say that they are would be actually racist.

It’s true that polls suggest a majority of Indigenous Australians want the date changed. But that majority (at least according to recent polls) is 54% — barely a majority. And it is on this basis that radical leftists claim that celebration on this day is highly offensive to an entire race of people, when the truth is just under half of them (in true-blue Aussie fashion) couldn’t give a fuck which day half the country gets the day off work and has a barbecue.

The truth is the leftists who push this class warfare agenda will never be appeased, because they hate Australia, they hate Western culture and all its advantages and luxuries and they enjoy complaining. They have such an axe to grind that the axe consumes their entire identity; to admit that they have benefited disproportionately, that they are in the world’s 1% wealthiest people, would be too much for them to handle. The saddest part is they could have actually used their passion to help the underprivileged if instead of spending their day off smashing the state (scare quotes heavily emphasised because vegans don’t have the strength to smash anything) they had actually gone out and done something productive in their personal lives.

If you’d like to read a thread full of cheery folk who offer a diverse range of reasons to be positive about Australia and all it has to offer, I highly recommend this reddit thread.

If you’d like a quick hate-fact that demonstrates why Australia is objectively one of the greatest societies in human history, how about this study by New World Wealth that found Australia is the safest country in the entire world for women.

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