The Pop & Locke Report Ep 7: Gamers: The Most Oppressed Minority

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* We apologise for both the lateness of this, Sunday the 25th’s episode, as well as the bad quality of the audio and echoing. We have attempted to edit out what problems we could.

The panel discuss the most oppressed minority; gamers, Victoria’s overton window, and Mexican white supremacists.

Show Notes:

1:10: A Gamer has never held the Presidential office / 8:50: Cursed The Guardian opinions / 26:05: PassionateAthiest assures us she is okay / 40:25: Victoria: our very own California / 55:35: “Have you read The Communist Manifesto?” / 1:00:35: SMH writes establishment propaganda against cryptocurrency / 1:10:50: FGM surgery upheld as legal in US / 1:24:20: Mexican white supremacists agree with Trump.

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