Axing Anning is Cowardice

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The recent removal of Senator Fraser Anning has left me disillusioned towards Katter’s Australian Party. KAP represented some of the better beliefs of economic nationalism, which are desperately needed. And with Senator Anning expressing the words of wisdom on immigration that have been lacking from parliament for so long, it seemed like the perfect party.

But cowardice has gained footing in the ranks of Katter’s Australian Party and the forces of “anti-racist” do-gooders have pushed to remove Senator Anning from their party for the exact reason they shouldn’t: he identifies that there are differences between Europeans and non-Europeans, and that Australia has a specifically European identity.

How is this so controversial as to warrant his removal? Anning’s maiden speech is undoubtedly one of the best speeches ever delivered in parliament. It was crafted with love and care and spoke unapologetically on the many issues facing Australia which the establishment won’t touch with a ten foot pole. It is the speech that placed Katter’s party back on the radar. Bob Katter is looking (and sounding) old, but finally there was a breath of fresh air into the party that galvanised those on the right.

But he has killed it completely by betraying the reason anyone began to even care about him. Katter has shown his colours by ejecting Anning from his party due to the exaggerated whimpering of a political minority that sing their songs of sorrow through their outsized control of the Australian establishment.

“We have the right to free speech in our parliaments, but that free speech is not free of consequence”, said Queensland Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk as she announced she would strip staff from Katter’s Australian Party for their refusal to condemn their own Senator. This was later found to be a breach of the law, (reported by the MSM as a “technical breach”) but Palaszczuk was able to use her parliamentary majority to prevent herself from being prosecuted.

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Capitulating completely, Bob Katter has struck Anning from the party and made it known to the world at large that he is a coward.

There is no mercy for cowards. 

Already, scores of left-wingers clamour to clap and dance in joy as Anning finds himself without a party. As a rule of thumb, your actions on the right should not inspire joy among the left.

To make matters worse, the justifications made for this politicking have been nothing but appalling. In an act of self-abasement, principles have been sacrificed in pursuit of political power as Katter moves to protect his seats in parliament. If the sum total of what’s wrong with Australian politics could be depicted with a single event, this is it.

We must challenge and demand from our politicians greater accountability for their actions. It is in the national interest that we now question the structures of power that see foreign parties manipulating elected politicians into behaving in ways contrary to themselves. We need to see a radical change in our body politic immediately. To quote the esteemed senator’s maiden speech: “I want to see a cultural counter-revolution”.

And a message for Fraser Anning:

Keep up the fight. Your battle is the battle of generations, it is a war that will be won through endurance and determination. The attrition of battle is harsh, but it must be fought. You inspire the loyalty of many from across Australia. Whether you form a party of your own, remain an independent, or find home in another party, keep your resilience and refusal to capitulate. God bless, we are praying for your victory.

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