Australia’s ABC Profiles Your Friendly Neighbourhood Domestic Terrorists

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The left is full of useful idiots. Some of them are funded by the Australian taxpayer.

In the world of domestic terrorism, you know you’ve made it when foreign State Broadcasters pen exposés presenting you as America’s edgy new counter-culture. Antifa was officially declared a terrorist group by the US Government last year, but that hasn’t stopped Australia’s Public Broadcaster from sneaking in some good word-of-mouth!

The ABC article, published in January, is titled Antifa: The hard left’s call to arms

It’s always hilarious the way that conservative and libertarian groups are keen to denounce and disassociate themselves with white supremacists and the alt-right, but the left likes to cosy up to its political extremists.

“Softly spoken and slight of build, Mr Dixon is a vegan who spends his days lecturing anthropology at a local university.”

Oh, good, so he has access to developing young minds. That’s sure to act as a buffer for all of those KKK member university lecturers I hear so much about.

“Today he’s preparing for the moment he may raise a deadly weapon on the streets of a US City.

“Guns are a tool,” he says between bursts of crackling gunfire.

“You’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.”

Half a dozen of his friends watch on.

Nearby on the grass lies a small arsenal of assault rifles, handguns and body armour.”

Now I know for most Americans, the statement and description of the group’s private arsenal isn’t odd. But in Australia, where you can face up to 14 years imprisonment for possession of pepper spray and body armour is considered a prohibited weapon, it definitely is. The ABC itself tends to be one of our strongest opponents of gun rights, regularly demonizing the NRA and suggesting without evidence that it controls America’s legislature through bribes and shady deals. In this case, though, a profile of an organised political militia openly associating with terrorists, the ABC thought presenting them as a friendly and playful bunch was appropriate.

“Mr Dixon, 45, is a member of the far-left group Redneck Revolt, whose chapters have multiplied in the past year from just a handful to over 30 across the United States, they claim.

Their ranks are swelling in response to a resurgence of white supremacist groups, in part emboldened by President Donald Trump’s election victory.

Redneck Revolt is part of the rapidly-growing “Antifa” movement — short for anti-fascists.”

Ah, of course, the resurgence of White Supremacists immediately following a Republican election victory.

No evidence of this resurgence is provided by Redneck Revolt or the ABC, but I imagine both would probably point to Charlottesville, in which a white supremacist killed a counter-protestor with his car, and injured others. That incident, of course, is horrific. But to pretend it is indicative of an outbreak of emboldened and normalised fascism or nazism is patently insane.

Terrorists or Antifa LARPers: Can you spot the difference? (Wikimedia Commons)

On the other hand, there is evidence of a resurgence in these organised anarcho-communist militia groups, as the ABC itself says in the article. Antifa have been using violence to shut down mainstream conservative speakers on college campuses with increasing frequency across the past year. They are provided with cover to carry out this violence against innocent people because the Universities tend to institutionally support their radical ideology. The irony is palpable.

This childish anarchist ideology, not pro-confederates, the KKK or neo-nazism, has become America’s latest cultural export. We even had Antifa wannabes assault one of our most prominent conservative commentators on his way to a book signing in Australia.

Now from this ABC article, these particular members of Antifa have done nothing wrong outside of associate with terrorists, and unlike them, I reject the idea of guilt by association. I imagine that Antifa’s ranks are full of young people, and perhaps some middle aged college lecturers, who aren’t necessarily malicious, but have been swept up in the romanticised ideal of resisting government tyranny.

Of course, it’s no crime to be misguided and stupid. But it does concern me when my country’s public broadcaster, which is a very strong voice in opinion shaping for young people in particular, pens articles contributing to this romanticised ideal of oppressed versus oppressor, where the oppressor can be anyone who thinks there are only two genders.

To close, I will just leave you with an article I saw the exact same day that this Antifa profile was published. For those not aware of Australia’s media landscape, Junkee is a leftist blog that’s very popular among Australia’s youth, and neither United Patriots Front or True Blue Crew have been declared terrorist organisations by any legitimate authority. Observe nonetheless the left’s hysterical reaction to a soft portrayal of a meeting for concerned citizens, organised by a right wing nationalist who has previously been convicted under hate speech laws. Junkee labels this “organising vigilantism.” Junkee is completely silent as to Antifa’s presence in Australia.

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