The Pop & Locke Report Ep 9: Matrix Was A Docco w/ Sam Hansen

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We are joined by special guest Sam Hansen of The Critical Thinkers Society to discuss his new book A Sleeping Generation Awakens. We also discuss The Matrix (the reality, not the trilogy), burying gold in the backyard and how the Gilets Jaunes protest is actually run by the Kremlin.

Show Notes:

1:30: The Critical Thinkers Society and A Sleeping Generation Awakens // 16:00: Responding to criticisms of ‘alarmism’ // 21:05: Is it possible to fix the system from within? // 28:55: Is the dystopian future already here? // 47:05: The role of China // 59:20: Australian housing market bubble // 1:20:15: Thought Policing Comedians // 1:35:30: RUSSIAN HACKERZ behind Yellow Vest Protests

The Critical Thinkers Society

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