Tradition is Progress

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The greatest misnomer of our modern culture is that traditionalism is old and tired; and, in the opposite attitude, that progressivism is an ideology focused entirely upon “progressing” the human race.

In truth, there is no such thing as “progress” within progressivism. In fact, progressivism itself is the most regressive ideology that exists. This is because traditionalism is the true herald of progress and this can be understood through a logical deduction of human experience and evolution.

Cultural evolution has seen the production of our traditions so that we may ensure we do not make mistakes that have already been suffered by our ancestors. When a particular behaviour creates a negative outcome, our ancestors had identified that a behaviour is undesirable, and in response, had created a tradition as a tool of evolution to ensure the best outcome for our civilisation. This is a natural process of living and learning.

Progressivism, on the other hand, has decided out of flagrant ignorance that tradition is not a valid good for society, but instead, is an obstruction to good. This could not be further from the truth. In reality, tradition is an experiential good that has been passed on through the generations, refined endlessly by the experiences of our families from the distant past. To dismantle these traditions with such carelessness is to subject us to the errors our ancestors had suffered before creating these traditions.

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By virtue of this, progressivism is certainly regressive. It is the restoration of the primitive, uncivilised man. An individual without tradition is no different to the individual who had the first kindling of consciousness however many years ago. He is capable of thinking but incapable of knowing.

It is not until he makes his first mistake that he begins to know; and with that knowing, he creates a network of understanding that he imparts to his children so that they too should not make the same mistakes that he did. But, this process can take a very long time, and on a societal level, this is a process that takes generations. This is the cause for our cultural divides within the world whereby nations have developed superior traditions due to being subject to and learning from more difficult hardships.


To fulfil the agenda of progressivism is to restart all of the progress that we have made to this point. The learning and understanding is all wasted, the experiences of our ancestors and the knowledge they passed on to inform us in earnest not to make those same mistakes is neglected. We are then doomed to make the same mistakes they had made.

This is the cycle of humanity. The hubris of the modern world, with all of its rapid technical triumph, is to think that those who came before us were simply backwards idiots, rather than the ones who paved the way for us. It is worth noting that the classics, such as the writings of Plato and Socrates, remain a staple within our philosophical understanding of the world. These writers, highly intelligent and very well revered, are certainly not of the modern age.

Intelligence is relative. We are not smarter than our ancestors, nor are they necessarily smarter than ourselves. Our capacity to know, however, is entirely dependent upon the works of our ancestry and it is only by their works and experiences that we are capable of truly understanding the world around us.

Tradition is the foundation upon which we experience the world and, if necessary, we may recant elements of this foundation should we find ample replacement for said traditions. But this does not neglect the fact that they were created for a reason. We are nothing but fools if we rush ourselves into destroying these traditions simply because they are traditions. To commit to such a hard reset is to destroy the loving work of our ancestry who crafted these evolutionary tools to support us and further humanity.

Be wise, be traditionalist.

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