Neoliberals Bear Responsibility For Christchurch

The left-wing have mobilised to damn the right-wing for being responsible for this massacre in Christchurch, demanding that broad censorship be implemented to ensure that any position that sits against the mainstream of progressivism is silenced. Predictable, of course, but the noise that has roared globally against every right-wing figure that has ever said practically anything critical toward Islam and immigration is insanity.

Internet forums 8chan and 4chan in particular have come under fire, with the largely unregulated discussion on the boards being held responsible for the radicalisation of youth. We know nothing of the other apprehended suspects, but the one terrorist we do know appears to have been a frequenter of 8chan, posting an announcement on the website before committing his terror attack. Associating himself with a series of memes that were popular mostly on the right-wing, now anyone who has ever used them is to blame for his radicalisation. (Some badly-researched articles are even pointing to video games Fortnite and Spyro the dragon, failing to pick up the obvious irony this part of the manifesto intended)

Let’s make it clear, the right-wing is not to blame. Instead, we should examine the role of internationalist neoliberals and their incessant desire for global conquest. It requires little explanation, but a simple chronology of events. Neoliberals have created an atmosphere of tension and violence globally through their incessant meddling in foreign affairs, toppling regimes, supporting rebellions, and invading nations.

With no surprise, this spurs animosity among the local population towards the nations who are bombing them, and when an exodus of the displaced peoples within these nations begin, there will undoubtedly be extremists who are angry at the nations that destroyed their homeland. The result of this is terrorism perpetrated against citizens in the west.

Resulting from this is the inevitable spurring of hatred towards Islam, which has culminated in what we see today with the attack in Christchurch and not too long ago in 2017 the attack in Quebec City. The chronology of events is no mistake, the foe here is not Islam or nationalism, but instead neoliberalism and their imposition of internationalism.

Instead of engaging in this meaningless debate about the threat of Islam or the threat of nationalism, we need to stifle the core issue: internationalism. Immigration, international intervention, financial and military meddling in foreign nations all need to be halted. Do all of this and we would see the immediate de-escalation of violence across the globe.

It is easy to blame Islam and its doctrine of the “sword verses”. Certainly, Islam as a civilisation is not compatible with the civilisations born of Europe, but it is superfluous trying to agitate even more war between the two. It is better to find allies among them who love their nation and wish liberation from the international elite’s wars against their people, work with them, and wipe out the common foe.

Unfortunately, evil has so far triumphed in this era. We can only keep up the fight for a better tomorrow liberated of the internationalists who prey on the global population to fatten their profits.

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