The Pop & Locke Report Ep 1: Paw Patrol is Fascist

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The panel discuss the deep Russian-Japanese conspiracy to turn the frigging kids fashy, the link between being a cat lady and working at the ABC, and why Australia needs to conquer New Zealand through nuclear warfare.

Show Notes:

1:00: Anime, Paw Patrol, Thomas The Tank Engine and Fascism / 11:50 Obesity “Epidemic” and Fat Positivity /  30:10: ScoMo isn’t goofy dad enough for Annabel Crabb / 44:55: ScoMo says maybe on Nuclear power / 57:30: ABC on the Berlin Wall /  1:10:50: Trump correctly identifies Soros paid protestors / 1:18:30: UK Knight flees terror attack / 1:25:40: UK’s own gay cake Supreme Court case / 1:32:35 Italian Minister commits wrongspeak against EU


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