Google or Gulag? Lawsuit Reveals Tech Giant’s Toxic Culture

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Fired Google Engineer James Damore has launched the lawsuit he has been promising since the company axed him in August for “perpetuating gender stereotypes”. Damore wrote an internal memo intending to question some of Google’s affirmative-action hiring practices, which he thought might be crossing the line into racist and sexist conduct.

“I strongly believe in gender and racial diversity, and I think we should strive for more,” Mr Damore wrote. “However, to achieve a more equal gender and race representation, Google has created several discriminatory practices.”

Those include “programs, mentoring, and classes only for people with a certain gender or race”, “a high priority queue and special treatment for ‘diversity’ candidates”, and “reconsidering any set of people if it’s not ‘diverse’ enough”. Diversity in this context is of course defined the way the New Left always defines it; that is, diversity of skin colour and gender identity, rather than diversity of thought and opinion. Hiring and providing opportunities purely on the basis of skin colour is of course, racism.

Additionally, Google was using its internal message boards to advocate joining radical leftist causes such as domestic terror group Antifa.


The complaint filed by Damore’s lawyers on January 8 outlines these practices and the toxic culture at Google in far more detail. The document reads;

“Not only was the numerical presence of women celebrated at Google solely due to their gender, but the presence of Caucasians and males was mocked with “boos” during company-wide weekly meetings. This unacceptable behavior occurred at the hands of high-level managers at Google who were responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of hiring and firing decisions during the Class Periods.”

Far-left magazine The Guardian, which has long been known as an avatar for Political Correctness, is still clutching its pearls over Damore, an extremely unthreatening character they wish desperately was the poster-boy for Neo-Nazism. Penning an article in favour of discrimination(as long as the victim disagrees with you), Laurie Penny writes;

“Only someone who has never faced real prejudice in their lives could possibly believe that centuries of violence and injustice are any sort of equivalent to not being allowed to scream and pull your pants down in public.”

You see, because he is a man, he can never be the victim of ethical injustice, because someone, somewhere, has it worse. Don’t you see? Two wrongs do make a right!

Read the full details, including examples of Google Management systematically silencing mainstream viewpoints, and giving bonuses to people for disagreeing with Damore’s memo, here:

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