Australianism: A Cultural Renaissance

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Before Australia’s culture underwent an ugly late-capitalist mutation into the vapid metropolitan cluster you see today, there was a simple beauty that possessed the people who inhabited our great land.

Nobody finds fulfilment in the metropolitan life. It is lacklustre, focused on the shallowest of material desires. There is no virtue invested in the person that comes from this kind of living. And admittedly so; those who have lived this life know how trivial and undesirable it is.

Blessed with the fruits of our ancestors, today there exist the echoes of an old identity, waiting to be reborn by a great Australian renaissance. Waiting to be rediscovered, even the most colourless Australian has deep in their identity a yearning for a new way, a new tomorrow.

Australianism offers this new way. The renaissance that is to come doesn’t seek hostility against the modern Australian, but instead seeks to inspire all Australians toward a new, yet traditional, path. Within the renaissance, all of the arts and literature of our past will be brought to the forefront again. The aspirations, struggles, and desires of our forefathers will be beautifully re-imagined into a modern Australia.

Slumbering sea, MentoneĀ (1887) by Tom Roberts, a titan of the Heidelberg School of art, also known as Australian Impressionism.

Just as our culture was founded organically, so should our renaissance. It is encumbered on those who love the history and culture of our nation to be sure to share it with fellow Australians.

As our media establishment increasingly assimilates us into tasteless Hollywood Americanism, and as our education system fails to stir Australians to love this country, it is our duty to respond by reminding fellow Australians of our innate beauty and virtue.

There is no greater patriotic act than inspiring another Australian to wholly loving and learning the richness of Australia’s culture and history.

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