Canada In Khaki (1917-1919) WW1 Journal

Canada in Khaki was a magazine published in Toronto jointly by the Musson Book Company and the Canadian War Records Office to illustrate Canadians’ actions during World War I as well as to raise money for the Canadian War Memorial Fund.

Subtitled A Tribute to the Officers and Men now serving in the Overseas Military Forces of Canada, it was published in three volumes from 1917 to 1919. A journal comprised of war art reproductions, cartoons, military history and personal recollections, it featured illustrations by talented artists such as John Byam Liston Shaw and Harold H. Piffard.

“Your Motherland Will Never Forget” by Joseph Simpson, R.B.A

Restorations of the first 2 Volumes are available for free online here:

Volume 1

Volume 2

The Thin Red Line by H. Piffard

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