Collectivist Nationalism Is The Future

We on the right-wing have been lectured to no end that we are to represent the case of the individual. This ‘individual’, isolated and atomised away from the rest of his national cohort, is as Ayn Rand says, “the smallest minority”.

Many politicians that the modern mainstream right call upon as their greats have triumphed this idea, most famously Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, however the truth is that this atomisation of the individual is what led to the gender identity politics we know today because we forgot that it is only through collective moral belief that our national cohort maintains a moral code. Once you begin to atomise the individual into unique and isolated singularities, you create the opportunity for the individualism-gone-wrong scenario we witness today.

The atomised individual finds no interest in the greater good of his fellows, but instead looks inwards. Left to his own devices, cut away from the fabric of the nation, its values, and its ideals, he broods his own notions of life that remain untried and uncouth. He does not conceive them out of the collective experience of millions of men and women, nor the centuries of ancestral history that developed the established national traditions and culture, but instead it is from his own poorly sampled experience. He rejects the views of others, adopting solely his own view on the world and with it his own twisted reality.

Conservatism has thoroughly and utterly destroyed itself through its adoption of individualism. It did not realise the stupidity in this notion, the action that led it to its own demise through the atomisation of man. It did not realise how heavily it relied on the consistency of the cultural substratum, and that, when disfigured, conservatism would become totally and utterly without support.

If we are to regain the fight against progressivism and the forces who encroach on our culture, we must regain the collective national identity. It is only through the desired action of affirming the national spirit, rather than confirming the individual spirit, that we begin to win the battle against progressivism. It is through the collective adherence to conservative morality that conservatism thrives, not through the ‘each-to-his-own’ attitude that currently pervades the conservative mainstream.

Left-wing progressives understand that the cultural substratum is where the works of change is hatched. Here is where they commit their work, resewing the disparate mess destroyed by conservatism into a whole new social fabric — one that is fundamentally degenerative and against the fundamental laws of nature. In this way, it will bring its own demise, but not before wiping out every last conservative element in society.

Collectivism is the only way forward. It is in the national spirit, the collective interest, that we must invest and act. It is through the threads of common identity that the groundwork must be laid in order to achieve effective change and to regain against this enemy who has exploited our weaknesses. Once conservatives abandon the weak notion of individualism and begin to realise that it was through collectivism that history was made, that is when the right-wing will surge and triumph against progressivism.

We cannot fall on old platitudes of individualism any longer, it is a deadly game. We must arm ourselves with the determination to reforge the nation into a new spirit, to be equipped with the collective experiences of all those who have lived, do live, and will live. In this world, by mere existence no one lives for themselves, but always lives for another. This is not necessarily an eternal state of self-sacrifice, but instead it is every single person’s eternal contribution to the greater national spiritual zeitgeist via their actions and experiences . As an individual, a man lives one life; but as a nation, he lives for eternity.

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