“I Don’t Hate White People. I Just Hate Whiteness.”

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Leftists enjoy academic hegemony, so they can get away with this lazy intellectualization of bigotry. To the layperson, what can a word such as whiteness be associated with other than white people and their heritage?

We hear a lot about the pervasive anti blackness in every nook and cranny of our culture. Anti-blackness is anathema to black people, it poisons all of their experiences and destroys their lives. If you’re anti-black, you’re causing harm to black people.

But whiteness appears not to have the same dynamic in relation to the people it emanates from. Whiteness is a thing to be dismantled and diminished. Whiteness hurts everyone. So it’s very good to be anti-white, and it’s a very good thing for white people, and all the world.

Color is something to be celebrated and embraced, but whiteness ought to be peeled off and forgotten. And what does that mean for a persons heritage, if they are white? Where does the whiteness begin and end in our cultural inheritance? Maybe it’s better to sever all ties with the past completely, and away with norms and traditions.

Something so definitive can’t be escaped. You couldn’t shed your skin. You could dim yourself down a bit. Keep quiet. Be a little more passive and try not to shine too brightly. But if you yourself aren’t disappearing, how could your state of being go away?

So-called whiteness is just bigotry with an academic veneer. It reads like it’s a measurement of something meaningful, but it’s so nebulous. It’s vague and all its definitions are circular. You’d have to be funneled into taking some ridiculous course just to figure out what this evil miasma of whiteness consists of.

But here’s how the humanities work. The concepts are unscientific — that’s why the citing of humanities papers is so insular. No reputable scientists cite intersectionalist theory.

They’re rhetoricians. They reinterpret their own ideas and select out what’s most politically potent. They are social engineers and activists, not scientists. They don’t care about the truth, let alone do they care about your connection to it. They just want you to feel bad. Slick-tongued thieves have been swindling for eternity. The high priesthood of iniquity have been manufacturing repentance and capitulation since the dawn of language.

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