Productivity, Consumption, And The Profit Motive

In advocacy against the modern system, it is vital to have a concept of how the system functions and how it impacts the daily lives of those who suffer underneath it. Rarely have there been lines drawn between the interests of the financial elite and the degeneration of society, however, perhaps to the surprise of some, there are definite and very clear connections between the profit motive of liberal capitalism and the degeneration we witness today.

This article serves merely as an entry, and ultimately fails due to its brevity to address the full extent by which finance manipulates our societies. Understanding the subversiveness of the profit motive, however, is core to understanding the dilemma of liberal capitalism and how we may best appropriately diagnose our society’s sickness.

Our modern forms of mass media enabled an international financial class to manipulate hundreds of millions of peoples from many nations to believe in total lies. With this, they have enabled unjustified wars that bringing untold suffering upon millions so that they could advance their own desires. It goes further than this, however.

The advancements of crowd psychology enabled finance and corporations to build an entire network of manipulation. They have brought upon society the consumerism we witness today, playing upon the strings of human minds so that people are coaxed into the consumption of goods beyond the purview of any true needs. If there is one book that could be read to perfectly grasp this, it is Propaganda written by Edward Bernays, the ‘father of public relations’ and a nephew of Sigmund Freud.

To understand how the international liberal system views the people of the world, one need only visit the website of the World Bank’s “Human Capital Project” to see the way they belittle millions of people and entire societies into nothing but a “project”. The commodification of human lives within a system like ours that exists solely upon the profit motive is a development severely dangerous to the lives and spirit of those designated as “human capital”.

Donate buttonThe logical conclusion of this view of reality is that if maximum productivity is to be achieved, every obstacle that exists that may inhibit the productive output of human capital must be destroyed. The result of this is a deliberate and intentional deconstruction of the human condition; eliminating community, family, tradition, race, and identity. All of these things lie as obstacles to maximising the productive output of human capital as they serve as inefficient distractions from the primary purpose of human capital: being productive.

The second way by which the system views humans is as consumers. The “consumer” has developed significantly over the 20th Century to mean more than simply a person who consumes things to satiate basic needs and into a person who consumes to fulfill wants. As aforementioned, through the works of crowd psychology humans have been coaxed into desiring many products they truly don’t need and would never even buy if they were acting rationally.

As consumers are the primary means by which profit is made, it is desirous (to the system) to ensure consumers maximise their consumption at all times. The existence of restrictions and inhibitions that may tighten the spending of consumers is undesirable, so just as the obstacles that stood in the way of achieving maximum human capital output were destroyed, so too are obstacles to consumption sought and destroyed.

Like the obstacles that stood in the way of maximum human productivity, the obstacles to maximum human consumption are the same: community, family, tradition, race, and identity. The common theme is how these “obstacles” obligate man to responsibilities beyond simply himself. He has duties to his community, to his family, to the traditions of his forefathers, to the broader race he is a member of, and to the identity he holds. They are selfless and have been developed by centuries of arduous human struggle and experience, and truly should be totally inviolable.

However, they are obstacles to the productivity of human capital and to the consumption of consumers because they require man to seek the preservation of others before seeking the sole preservation of himself. They ask him to have and care for his children, to seek out and build his community, to honour his forefathers and ancestry, and to conserve and perpetuate his authentic nationhood. They tie him to a stoic duty and to things greater than himself and his frivolous drive to self-satisfy.

These inherently selfless acts violate the core principle of liberal capitalism, “individualism”, and place limits upon productivity and consumption. In principle, the aforementioned values run in opposition to greater productivity and greater consumption because instead of dedicating time to productivity and resources to consumption, the “uncommodified” man devotes time and resources into the prosperous growth of his family, his community, and his people.

In understanding the financial motive behind the destruction of these values, the perception by which we can view the world can be altered to understand the prevailing trends that occur across the globe. The various planks that make up progressivism; Mass migration, the LGBT+ agenda, abortion, contraception, moral degeneracy, and the like; all of these matters are motivated by a financial desire to maximise productivity and consumption by perpetuating the creation of the “rootless cosmopolitan”. In the underdeveloped third world, international finance claims to see poor souls in need of charity (and perhaps a visa), when really they see underutilised human capital that must be transferred to more productive economies whereby their maximum capacity can be achieved.

In the heterosexual, they see an existential threat. The potential for sexual reproduction makes him or her liable to becoming dedicated to children, reducing consumption and becoming more politically and financially conservative. The agenda for contraception and liberalisation of abortion may also be seen here: the prevention of children to maximise productivity and consumption. The (self-described) “queer” is the most excellent consumer: he (or xe) is incapable of reproduction; is sterile and lives only for himself; his lusts are pointless; and as seen within the prevailing “queer culture”, he is defined foremostly by his consumption.

Moral degeneracy, contraception, and abortion is to make the heterosexual as much like the queer as possible. Like the queer, the heterosexual is to be made sterile and to live life primarily for the self. Women, in particular the target of this through the farce of feminism, are made to sacrifice the solemn joy of motherhood in favour of pursuing productivity and consumption for the liberal capitalist structure and told this is emancipation from the patriarchy. Men and women forego family to pursue queer-like relations with one another, childless and pointless.

It is no surprise to see within our society the rise of severe sexual extravagance. This is the natural by-product of a society that is dominated by fruitless love. The absence of fruitfulness renders sex as the paramount expression of love, and without children, sex becomes believed to be the primary commodity by which love is achieved. The rise of infidelity, of polygamous relations, of the queer community itself, are all natural derivatives of a society dominated by fruitless sex.

All of these things create the most productive and consumption-driven societies. It is well within the intention of the financial powers to see the decline of society in this way. Selfish living with pleasure seeking and debaucherous lifestyles as their nucleus do not encourage selfless behaviour amongst its sufferers. To the contrary, it encourages ever greater productivity in pursuit of ever greater consumption to feed the desire for endless self-gratification.

Even further to the case, racial mixture can too be linked to the forces of finance. To successfully manipulate the masses into consumption and subservience through advertising and media, it is essential that you play upon their basic primitive desires in order to achieve it. This becomes problematic when the human race is so divided into many unique cultures, races, and nations, each with their own unique traditions and genetics.

This problem is overcome, however, when the “beige” future, as often touted by liberal and “progressive” advocates, is achieved. If humanity was turned into a singular race, ideally with a singular culture and a singular language, it is then that finance will finally be capable of deploying a universal and singular method of manipulation. It will not only give them control over the world’s peoples, it will save them money.

Any traditionalist or nationalist who believes themselves capable of valuing liberal capitalism has been fooled by its propaganda into believing that its economics do not intervene into the daily lives of its consumers. Finance is the most pervasive force in existence, utilising the power of money and media to subordinate the world for its own greed.

Disseminating knowledge of the subversive powers of finance is prime import for any advocate against the system. As a movement that is both material and spiritual, it is sometimes painful to focus overbearingly on the material reasoning behind our demise to the neglect of spirituality, however unfortunately the masses have been put into a spiritual stupor. May we awaken them first to the material conditions within which they suffer so that we may then awaken them to the spiritual conditions within which they may prosper.

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