When Terrorism Is Profitable

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The attack in Melbourne is yet another testament to the disaster of our government and the disaster of their policy of multiculturalism.

It does not work. He who clings to Islam are fundamentally incapable of adapting to our culture. He is barbaric, vitriolic, and revanchist. He sees Western nations as nothing but states that have wronged him in the past and continue to wrong him today.

It is right that there is to be a nation for each people, and it is wrong that the internationalist governments that currently occupy the West send us to war against the Arab world. But let this not deduct from the righteousness of our cause when we defend ourselves from the wild brutes that come here seeking revenge.

Remember, it is pointless to protest Islam. The presence of Political Islam in the West is not the cause, it is merely the symptom. Our criticisms must fall wholly on the men responsible: the corrupt government and the traitors within it who gut the nations of safety for profit.

It would be foolish to understate the power of money in terrorism. Under our modern financial system, even terrorism is profitable.

The abundance of news it generates is one facet of profit, the necessary loans that must be taken to repair damage is another. Even the provisions of medical services is a third. Our system is built so wholly on evil that even disasters are profitable for those in the upper-class who have wired it together.

It’s only by casting away the whole rotten structure that we can truly bring change — and one day, we shall.


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