Australian Army To Give Service Medal To Women Two Years Before Men

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There is now so little institutionalised sexism in the West that the left is re-institutionalising it.

Pictured above: Military cross and bar, 1939–45 Star, Africa Star, Pacific Star, Defence Medal, 1939–45 War Medal and Australian Service Medal 1939–45 (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

You will have heard of the mythological gender pay gap, but have you ever heard of a gender medal gap?

The Australian Army has now instituted one.

A screenshot from the Australian Department of Defence website, detailing the conditions for being awarded the medal.
A screenshot from the Australian Army website detailing the initial enlistment period, which qualifies women for the medal after 2 years.

The Australian Army began accepting women in combat roles in 2011. We have seen divisive politics really ramp up since feminist Defence Minister Marise Payne was sworn in in 2015. These have been changes such as lowering the fitness requirements for women to enlist and explicitly directing recruitment staff to only hire women.

Australia’s Defence Minister Marise Payne and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull meet with US Secretary of Defence ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis in Sydney, 2017. (Wikimedia Commons)

Of course, all of these things will devalue the way the entire world sees the Australian military. Not only that, it creates a gap between the way the public sees one of these medals awarded to women and one awarded to men. Lowering the bar for women is an insult to them.

And that’s the dirty little secret: the left-wing of politics cares far more about sowing division than the right, because the left’s driving force in the culture war is now identity politics.

If I was a man in the ADF, I would be making a push for equal opportunity in pregnancy leave.


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