Peter Dutton Accused of “Racism” for Mild Observations

How can Law Enforcement solve a problem it isn’t allowed to identify?

In 2007, the integration of African migrants to Australia became an issue. Victorian Police Chief Commissioner at the time, Christine Nixon, claimed that Sudanese refugees were convicted of fewer crimes per capita than the general Victorian population. When fresh crime statistics were reported a year later, it was clear Sudanese youths were offending at a rate four times higher than the state average.

Recent statistics are even more dismal. 2015 data shows that despite being 0.11 percent of Victoria’s population, Sudanese Youths are responsible for 7.44 percent of home invasions, 5.65 percent of car thefts and 13.9 percent of aggravated robberies. According to these statistics they are almost 70 times more likely than Australian-born youths to commit a home invasion.

It isn’t racist, and it should not even be controversial, to suggest that violent gangs who group along ethnic lines exist and that they intimidate people in their local community. If we cannot have open and honest discussions about sensitive but important issues, our society is doomed.

Yet “racist” is the charge lobbed against Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton all over Twitter and leftist publications for doing exactly that. Speaking to 2GB Radio about the Melbourne gang issue last Wednesday, the Minister said;

“People are scared to go out to restaurants of a night time because they are followed home by these gangs, home invasions and cars are stolen and we just need to call it for what it is. Of course it’s African gang violence. It’s not the whole community. There are many good people within the community that would condemn this action as strongly as you and I would…

You look at some of the jokes of sentences that are being handed down, there’s no deterrence at the moment. And the state government’s wrapped its police force up in this politically correct conversation — which I think they’re trying to break out of and they are trying to do the right thing — but I think the state government’s really been caught flat-footed.”

To anyone who isn’t a hardcore social justice warrior, Dutton’s claim is clear and unthreatening; a sharp spike in violent crime in the youth of a particular community has caused safety concerns in the broader community. Quite rightly, citizens are skeptical of their government’s capability to solve a problem that they can’t even acknowledge exists. On December 28, Police Superintendant Therese Fitzgerald appeared to deny that gangs were an issue, asserting that “youth crime in general” was to blame. Today, after almost a fortnight of intense media criticism and public pressure, the Victorian Government vowed to tackle the issue, clearly referring to the incidents as “street gang activity”.

Taken aback at the mere suggestion that anyone other than white people might be committing crime, far-left publication promptly dismissed Dutton’s comments, and the African gang issue in its entirety by putting it in scare quotes. Pedestrian accuses Mr Dutton of “remarkably racially-charged dialogue” adding that his comments on 2GB “can only be interpreted as an attempt to take this issue from a relative non-event to an extremely spenno, racially-charged shitfight.” (Spenno is apparently one of them cool slangs that us young people use.)

Here are some of the more appalling incidents relating to the controversy. Decide for yourself if these sound like gang crime;

Just one day after Mr Dutton’s comments, a 59-year-old woman was the victim of a home invasion by “up to a dozen African youths” who smashed through a double-glazed window, beat her and held her hostage as they ransacked the house for an Xbox, clothes and cash. They also stole the woman’s iPad, her only way to communicate with her husband who is in intensive care, and a car.

On the incident that kicked this whole controversy off in late December, The Australian reported;

“Having trashed the rented property, the “guests” — dozens of African youths thought to have visited a basketball tournament earlier that day — spilled outside, pelting rocks at neighbouring properties, trampling cars and smashing windscreens with garden stakes or whatever else they could find.

Residents of the quiet street in Werribee, in Melbourne’s west, cowered inside their homes, terrified as the angry mob’s chants about being out to “get whites” were eventually drowned out by the roar of police helicopters.

The scene, according to witnesses, was warlike. And as bewildered police combed through the mess the next morning, they came across a curious calling card: the letters MTS and APEX scrawled on broken furniture.”

Ecoville Community Park in Tarneit has also been trashed by these gangs, and residents are too scared to use the shared space. Photo via Daily Mail Australia

Just “relative non-events” according to Pedestrian!

While Apex has been a well known gang in Australia since the 2016 (and 2017) Moomba Riots, MTS — speculated to stand for ‘Menace to Society’ — appears to be new.

Of course, the left must flip every social issue into an indictment on white people (or if they’re a bit less racist, just the host country in general).

Cam Tyeson of Pedestrian writes; “For what it’s worth, the amount of youth crime and violence perpetrated by white kids born in Australia far, far, far outstrips that recorded by any other ethnicity.”

This sentiment is even echoed by Australia’s public broadcaster the ABC; “However, the statistics also show that a Victorian is more than 25 times more likely to be seriously assaulted by someone born in Australia or New Zealand than someone born in Sudan or Kenya.”

To anyone who knows anything about the demographic makeup of Australia, these arguments are ridiculous. The Sudanese population of Australia is less than 20,000, and some of those are born here. Australians of British and European ancestries are the majority in Australia, forming an estimated 85–92% of the 24 million population. The population of Australia that were born in Australia is over 15 million. That means that Australian-born residents outnumber the Sudanese community 750 to 1.

While these publications are in a moral panic at the gall of Mr Dutton to associate Africans with gangs, leftist darling Yassmin “Islam Is The Most Feminist Religion” Abdel-Magied is actually applying group blame on the basis of ethnicity and the sins of our ancestors.

Apparently she only fights against broad-brush cultural stereotyping when the victims have brown skin.

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