The Pop & Locke Report Ep 4: Zoomer Master Race

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The panel discuss the absolute state of the Australian court system, country-shopping “refugees”, and pulling out (of Afghanistan).

Show Notes:

1:20: Zoomer Master Race choosing trade school over college / 19:50: Bolsonaroposting Part 2: Electric Boogaloo / 32:50: Aboriginal Activist dindu nuffin / 49:45: The absolute state of the Australian “Justice System” / 56:15: Nauru “refugees” knock back US resettlement offer / 1:05:00: Our Diversity Is Our Strength™ /  1:10:20: Top US Commander admits Taliban “cannot be defeated / 1:23:55: US Midterm predictions / 1:28:30: EU Big Business demand second Brexit vote /

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