A Majority Of Working-Class Australians Hate The Media And Like Fraser Anning

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Every so often in any Western liberal democracy, the Fourth Estate exposes just how badly it misunderstands the working class by picking a losing issue it seeks narrative control over and beating us over the head with it.

Since the nationalist rally in Melbourne suburb of St Kilda on Saturday proved to be somewhat successful, Australia’s mainstream media and political establishment have gone into full panic mode across the spectrum. The Marxist-Anarchists of the Antifa blogosphere, the progressives of Fairfax and the ABC, and the “conservatives” (yesterday’s progressives) of Newscorp; The Greens, The Labor Party, The Liberal Party and Australian Conservatives, were universal in their virtue signalling “condemnation” of the rally they described as “extremist”.

Pictured: Blair Cottrell and co. intimidate a terrified minority as dinky-di true Aussie values of “mateship” and “tolerance” wither and die in the background.

Sunrise attempted what was obviously expected to be a character assassination interview, which seems to have backfired as Anning came off cool, collected and normal against the interviewer scolding him like his disappointed mother.

A hilarious centrepiece in this phenomenon is the way outlets such as the ABC, 7 News and 9 News all converge to signal in the same direction, then run polls which end up insanely slanted in reaction against the very liberal way they portray the issue. Behold:

9 News

Donate buttonWhat’s funnier than the reaction to that clip and the poll result is the absolute domination of pro-Anning and pro-nationalist rally sentiment in the comments sections. Must just be a lot of Russian bots out this week.

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9 News comment sections are now being absolutely bombarded with pro-Anning and anti-MSM/anti-leftist sentiment.

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