No Cultural Revolution Without Economic Revolution

Often within the right-wing, the discourse is dominated with this idea that we must have a cultural revolution. I am amicable towards this, undoubtedly. Our culture is not simply under threat but instead has been completely turned inside out. It is hardly recognisable, shifted and warped into a new beast that holds no resemblance with the old ways. 

However, one thing that concerns me greatly is the ignorance of a vast majority of those on the right-wing towards the necessity for a revolution not just of culture but also economy. The primary reason for this varies, but one of the greater reasons in my view is the popularisation of the conspiracy theory of “Cultural Marxism”.

Subscribers to the Cultural Marxism theory generally postulate that there exist vile socialist forces hidden just beneath the surface within our cultural institutions, planted by Marxist Academics carrying the thought of the Frankfurt School on to the French intellectuals, especially the Post-modernists, and culminating in Western Universities. These heinous academics then use their influence over students, who are funnelled into higher education more than ever before, to brainwash them into acting as the foot soldiers of a leftist subversion of every Western nation’s institutions more broadly.

This theory has been popularised among the right-wing and has grown to be accepted, particularly as the bogeyman of Marxism, which carries its weight forward from the Cold War era, is an easy catch-all villain that can be blamed for many wrongs and destructive change.

This development has only led to the stunting and intellectual deafening of the right-wing. This belief that there exist masses of ideological Marxists within our institutions trying to subvert our culture through subtle degradation is farcical, especially when the root of the myth suggests it was orchestrated by the KGB. The truth lies in the reality that “Cultural Marxism” would be better addressed as “Cultural Capitalism”.

An excellent documentary published by Adam Curtis, The Century of the Self, goes into much detail unpacking the way corporations have manipulated and utilised culture as a means to progress excessive consumerism, fermenting themselves into the culture we know today. Still yet, we can see how corporations sit behind the progressive cultural forces, egging them on, throwing them money with great excitement.

Futurist thinker Trippy Trillby puts this phenomenon quite succintly;

“What the dissident right terms “cultural marxism” is far less of a conspiracy and far more of an emergent phenomenon, and despite the misnomer attached to it it has simply served parasitic financial elites by pitting various sectors of the working class against each other, encouraging the atomisation of society and degradation of culture in the pursuit of ever expanding markets, reducing man’s identity to a mere handful of superficial attributes such as race or sexual orientation to be commodified and advertised and whored out to the highest bidders.”

This revelation should ensure that all people who call themselves culturally conservative would rethink the economic system that currently advocates for our demise. Tucker Carlson recently moved to flag that conservatives shouldn’t wholeheartedly embrace the free market, and he is incredibly right to do so.

The veins of our economy currently are progressive. The money that flows into our nation by way of foreign finance tells our companies that they must be progressive, through this making available resources for progressives to propagate the degradation of our culture. If we want to achieve a cultural revolution, it is not enough to simply revamp our nation and restore the institutions. We must completely and totally redress our entire country, both culturally and economically, if we are to prevent the catastrophe that we witness today.

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