Revolt! Ep 17: The Brave New Religion Of Secular Humanism

Jack is joined by The Unshackled’s political editor Michael Smythe and contributor to Pop & Locke and The Unshackled Lucas Rosas to discuss the brave new dogma encouraging celibacy, the reactionary russian propaganda of Slate, and Tommy Robinson being shut down.

Show Notes:

1:45: Throwing off the shackles of religion to talk constantly about the end of the world // 9:45: Polarity over Pell trial // 27:05: Depends what you mean by Jordan Peterson in Australia // 37:20: The ‘Mincing Poodle’ makes his exit // 44:50: AOC’s Green New Deal gets lukewarm reception among its own target audience // 54:30: NSW election speculation // 1:09:30: White males doing too well in Classics degrees // 1:11:50: Tommy Robinson gets de-personed

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