Australian Musician’s Racist Twitter Tirade


“Can cis white men stop reviewing our album. It’s not for you.”

Camp Cope, an Australian all-girl indie band has learned how to cry for attention and they refuse to stop for any reason.

Perpetuating the very accurate stereotype that modern feminism is nothing but a movement built around victim mentality and mutual man-hating, the band’s singer Georgia Maq began tweeting complaints that “cis white men” were reviewing her album. The album, “How To Socialise And Make Friends”, was released on March 2nd. The tweets appear to come in response to early reviews.

Apparently indie rock is above critique, unless you’re the right race/gender/suffer from body dysmorphia.

Camp Cope has made multiple headlines over their radically intersectional political agenda this year. It did so in early January by complaining that not enough women featured at Falls Music Festival and then again in late January by complaining that not enough women made it into Triple J’s Hottest 100 countdown, a top 100 voted on by the public.

Camp Cope should consider the possibility that the majority of people strive for a world where people will be treated on their individual merits and the things they actually do, not on the basis of their gender or skin colour. Perhaps if the arts were forced to exist outside the realm of taxpayer-funding, they might be brought in line with a basic understanding of how civil society functions like the rest of us.

Camp Cope is heavily promoted by Triple J, an Australian taxpayer-funded radio station aimed at 18–24 year olds. Triple J has been growing increasingly political with increasing frequency. In January it moved its Hottest 100 Countdown off of Australia Day when it is traditionally held, to appease the “Change The Date” movement, which claims the date on which Australia Day is held is offensive to Aboriginal people.

In a later tweet on the same day, Georgia expressed the belief that she should not have to be subject to criticism because she is singing about personally painful topics.

By the way, as a white male this was personally painful for me to write about and most of this article was written in one sitting and I should never have to justify that.

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