Australian Labor Party Meddles in US Election For Bernie

It turns out there WAS illegal influence in the 2016 US Election by a foreign power

It turns out there was illegal influence in the 2016 US Election by a foreign power. I refer not to the still ongoing Mainstream Media conspiracy theory of Putin pulling the strings on the Trump administration, but to my very own country of Australia.

The Australian Labor Party, the current opposition party in our parliament, provided volunteers for Bernie Sanders’ campaign whose flights and stipends were paid for by Australian taxpayers. The US Federal Election Commission determined this was a “prohibited foreign contribution” to the total of $24,422.

Comrade Bernie has been on the defensive since Mueller’s 37-page indictment of 13 Russian nationals revealed that they worked to support his, Jill Stein and Donald Trump’s campaigns to the detriment of Hillary Clinton’s.

Although this is actually a much more explicit breach of the law than what the Russian nationals did, I somehow doubt it will get treated in the media as such.

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