Revolt! Ep 15: Subverted Christianity w/ James Fox Higgins

We are joined by very special guest James Fox Higgins to discuss the shortcomings of Libertarianism, the bastardisation of Christianity in the modern liberal church, and paying muh reparayshins.

Show Notes:

2:20: The Rational Rise and The James Fox Higgins Show // 13:50: Post-Libertarianism // 23:25: The subversion of modern liberal Christianity // 57:25: Passivity and modern masculine culture // 1:17:05: Pay the Rent, bigots // 1:34:40: The social cost of being told you’re wrong online // 1:42:30: Chicago “MAGA attack” has severe lack of evidence // 1:54:40: “Why Are Yellow Vest Protests So White?”

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