Australian Left-Wing Media’s Dangerous South Africa Ignorance

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The world doesn’t know what is happening in South Africa.

Across the 20th Century, humanity saw its capacity for genocide fleshed out fully. The spectre of last century still haunts us, making us acutely aware of this capacity for evil, as we all should be. Broader societal awareness has made it almost impossible, we assume, for a government to carry out such systematic atrocity again, especially in any country with access to modern technologies that enable the proliferation of information.

But what if those technologies have made it possible for a government to manipulate public opinion to a degree never achieved before? And what if plausible deniability allowed that government to oversee and encourage the persecution of a minority group by its private citizens to the mass indifference of the rest of the world?

As you will know if you pay attention to anything other than left-wing news outlets, there is a serious crisis going on in South Africa where many are claiming being a white farmer has become the most dangerous occupation on Earth outside of a war zone.

South Africa’s government recently passed a motion by 241 votes to 83 that will begin the process of seizing white-owned farmland without any form of compensation. The motion was brought by Julius Malema of the Marxist ethno-nationalist Economic Freedom Fighters, the third largest party in South African parliament. Malema formed the EFF in 2013 after he was ousted from the ANC. Malema said of the motion, “We must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land”.

Because of the similar colonial history, we saw Zimbabwe pursue a comparable policy in recent years. Here’s how that went:

Non-right wing media outlets in Australia were relatively quiet on both the escalating murders and passing of the land-grab legislation, even though the inflaming tensions have been documented in international media for several years now.

That was until last week when our Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton announced plans to open up Australia’s humanitarian refugee program to the persecuted white minority. Left-wing outlets became very interested once Greens leader Richard Di Natale floated the counter-narrative that this signalled a return to the days of the White Australia policy (which, hilariously, was mostly a result of Trade Unionism and the left-wing Labor Party with whom the Greens have allied).

Huffington Post claim “There is no evidence to suggest that attacks and murders on white South African farmers are racially motivated”. Australian National University international law expert Associate Professor Jolyon Ford told SBS News Some of the murders have been accompanied by gratuitous violence and torture that can only be explained as racial hatred. Huffington Post also stands in ignorance of the fact that the South African National Congress has defended the singing of an Apartheid-era song, the lyrics of which translate to “kill the farmer, kill the Boer” (Boer is a term for white South Africans). “These songs cannot be regarded as hate speech or unconstitutional,” the Secretary General of the Congress said. “Any judgment that describes them as such is impractical and unimplementable.” 2 years later in 2012, the President of South Africa was singing the song, causing the ANC to backpedal its ruling due to domestic and international outrage coupled with the pressure of a tight upcoming election. The Guardian reported the banning of the song as being to avoid hurting the feelings of white farmers.

The Independent is pretty happy to just take the notoriously corrupt South African government’s word as reliable when they say there’s nothing sketchy going on. They write; “There is no official data supporting the idea that white farmers are more likely to be victims of attacks in South Africa, and the government strongly denies white people are being deliberately targeted and says farm murders are part of South Africa’s wider violent crime problem.” Yeah, governments ramping up toward genocide tend not to keep or publish accurate information to implicate themselves.

The Guardian’s opinion writers are absolutely furious that anyone is paying any attention to victimised white people, denouncing the whole idea as a confected outrage of the “alt-right”:

The figures for farm attacks have increased for three consecutive years now and since 2014/2015, there has been an increase of 28.3% according to South Africa’s Politicsweb.

“Why the police would not want to disclose the report is unfathomable and it creates the impression that they wanted to conceal the drastic increase in farm attacks and murders. Farm murders are of importance because agriculture is the strategic industry that ensures food security.

“The general figure for murder in South Africa is currently 34 per 100 000 of the population, but for farmers it is approximately 130 per 100 000. Hence the emphasis on farm murders.”

On top of all that, the strangest part is how these media outlets turn a blind eye to the shocking rhetoric from high-ranking South African political leaders stoking these murders, in particular Julius Malema:

Could you even begin to imagine what The Huffington Post, The Independent and The Guardian’s coverage would look like if any government minister in any developed nation used rhetoric even slightly adjacent to that? And then if that was in the context of a radical government land seizure targeting a particular race?

Many in the South African parliament not only know these horrific murders are happening to this group, they are happy for them to happen and continue happening. Those on the left, especially radical leftists like Malema, know they will be aided and abetted by much of the Western media’s white guilt for the legacy of Apartheid.

In the best case scenario, and if enough media scrutiny and international pressure is applied, the issue will not escalate far from where it currently is. The much more likely scenario entails the forceful seizure of farmland by the South African government, soon followed by the destruction of the South African economy as happened in Zimbabwe.

Below is a hilarious video displaying some of the finest members of Australia’s tolerant left by Australian political commentator Avi Yemini, who visited Melbourne’s refugee rally with the intent of getting some signatures for the Boers:

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